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Why Doing Yoga in the Morning is a Must

Yoga is a Hindu word which means “union”. The mind, body, and breath are in union.  It is said that of you can breathe, you can do yoga. It is considered as one of the least strenuous exercises and that almost anybody can do it.

Practicing yoga can help you become more flexible and healthy. Along with the breathing exercises, it can help you relieve stress and improve your physical, emotional, mental, and social wellbeing. With continuous practice, it can help you strengthen your body.

It is common practice to do yoga first thing in the morning, though it can be done at any time of the day. If done in the morning, it can energize you and help set you up to be more productive and focused throughout the day. Here are the top reasons why you must do yoga in the morning:

It helps you to breathe well throughout the day

With practice, the pace of breathing done while doing yoga sets the pace of how you do your breathing throughout the day. When you breathe well you are more relaxed, blood pressure is lowered, and blood oxygen levels improve.

It sets a steady frame of mindset

Starting off with a calm mood and behavior in the morning helps you to focus and do well on your planned activities. The physical activity helps release brain chemicals that can make you feel happy, as Yoga Journal reports.

It helps keep you fit and healthy

Yoga is a form of exercise. Any exercise if done regularly strengthens muscles, keeps bones strong, improves skin elasticity, and a stronger immune system

Boosts energy levels

Even if you’re sleepy, doing the yoga poses helps deliver oxygen to all parts of your body including your brain. The increased oxygen increases your energy level and helps you do your daily chores.

You’ll feel better about yourself

Getting something done first thing in the morning gives you that feeling of accomplishment. When you know you’ve put in the effort and achieved a task early in the morning your confidence level goes up and you tend to more tasks for the rest of the day.

In a yoga class, the sequence would be:

  • Breathing exercises and meditation
  • Warm-ups
  • Stretches and yoga poses
  • Relaxation techniques

Practicing yoga in the morning creates a routine. Doing a routine makes sure that you get used to an activity and makes it a part of your lifestyle.